Logan's Pet Grooming and Daycare
Proud Parents: Louis & Joan  
Congratulations to Patch! He deserves to have his great
personality noticed!
On a bright sunny day I was looking out my kitchen window when I saw our neighbor had a
new puppy. As the days went on I saw his life wasn’t very fulfilled. She left him out of his
cage in the morning, put him on a chain and gave him a bowl of food. After 10 minutes he
went back into his cage in the garage for the day. At night it was the same story. At that
time it was the hot days of summer, and I got concerned. I went over to talk to her husband
and said I would gladly take Patch for a walk during the day and leave him out. He agreed.
This went on for 3 months. When I heard she was going to sell him on the internet, that
scared me. At that moment in time I knew I had to have him. And the rest is history. I never
planned on having another dog at this time of my life, and the first year with him was pretty
crazy. But we’ve grown to love him deeply (including our 16 year old cat). Wherever we go,
patch goes. I always wonder, did I find Patch or did he find us? He’s a wonderful loving dog,
and I cannot imagine life without him.
Love and respect, thats what animals want. Just like people!
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