Logan's Pet Grooming and Daycare
Proud Parents: Mike & Cheryl de Gyurky
Congratulations to Monty! He deserves to have his great
personality noticed!
Monty, also known as “Happiness Hound”, is the junior member of the de Gyurky pack.
Monty’s early life was rough:  He was born in a puppy mill in Kansas and abandoned in a
park in Pasadena, CA at age 6.  He found shelter at the Pasadena Humane Society
where his parents, Mike (now passed) and Cheryl de Gyurky couldn’t resist adopting the
once sad looking fellow and giving him the forever home he craved.  Lots of love, hugs
and kisses have brought out Monty’s affectionate personality and delight for life.
Monty’s new family taught him lots of useful skills such as swimming, the proper way to
chew a bully stick and the joy of licking an ice cream cone.  He also became a well-
travelled dog.  Monty has hiked in Yosemite, taken a swim in a lake in the Rockies, and
developed a liking for pet friendly hotels where he has stayed with his parents.  Of
course, a good helping of scrambled eggs and sausage (eaten in the room) from the
hotels breakfast buffet went a long way in teaching him hotels are good places.
When Monty’s family returned to Cheryl’s hometown of Hartford two years ago, Monty
embraced Wisconsin and all it has to offer.  He enjoys walks in the Pike Lake State Park,
swimming in the local lakes and ponds and frolicking in the snow. However, Monty’s
favorite activity is socializing with all his pals at Logan’s.  Now 12, Monty is the oldest dog
at Logan’s but he is still young at heart.
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